I’ve been in women’s clothing for the past 20+ years. I love the colors and cuts and fabrics, the waists and boots and skirt lengths that go up and come down again (because there’s just nowhere else to go!), and the crazes that pass (shrugs?!), and those that stick (gorgeous handbags and good jeans). That said, it took me all of those years to finally get around to this…

rags couture collage

I am not turned on by high fashion. I like it. It’s entertaining and over the top, but it’s not what I wear.

I am turned on by dressing fashionably for my life.

Recommendations for those who love Getting Dressed, fashionably:

1. Use clothing catalogs as inspiration and fashion mags as entertainment.

When was the last time you saw something in a high fashion magazine that you could, or would, actually wear, and to what event, and that you could afford? Catalogs, on the other hand, are created to sell real people real clothes that they will really wear! Find your 4 or 5 favorite inspirational catalogs and start to visualize yourself in the photos.

2. Know your base pieces.

Base pieces are different for everyone. And they can be different for different days of the week and hours of the day. My base pieces for workout are black tights, black shoes and a short sleeved white V-neck tee from J. Crew. My mid-day is sleek jeans with low boots or sandals, a light sweater and my basic brown belt. If you’re in the corporate world, or living in a city that dresses up a little more than Boulder does, I would think you’d have a perfectly fitted pencil skirt, some low heels, and few blouses that all go with the skirt, and some flats for the commute. Put those in plain sight in your closet, and work your way from there.

3. Commit to comfort.

Real life requires real movement. If you are uncomfortable, you’ll look uncomfortable. That is not the look you’re going for.

4. Underpinnings aka undies, bras, etc. are important.

They don’t have to be expensive, but they should always be fresh. Yes, they should mostly match. Thongs are still in, but choose “age appropriate” styles, with wide bands and simple colors. Boy shorts or full-bottom bikinis are good under dresses and skirts. Bras that fit. Spanx for every occasion!

Wear what you love. Dress for real life. Enjoy the Getting Dressed process.

xo Margaret

Beautiful woman in everyday jeans